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The “Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim” is a professional American baseball team situated in Anaheim, California. The team is part of the West Division, which plays in the American League (AL) of the Major League Baseball (MLB Tickets).

Established in the year 1961, the Angels were founded after Gene Autry bought the rights from Walter O’Malley, who was a former owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Originally, the franchise was acquired by O’Malley from the Chicago Cubs owner named Phil Wrigley, after some time, O’Malley decided to sell the franchise to Gene Autry in between the years 1960 and 1961.

Gene Autry agreed to pay $350,000 for the rights of the franchise name, which was purposely purchased so that Autry could continue the former Pacific Coast League team as his own team in the Major League Baseball (MLB). The franchise became an official team in the Major League Baseball and few of the players from the Pacific Coast League (PCL) formally joined the team.

The Angels moved to play in Los Angeles and became the Los Angeles Angels. The team first played their home games in the Wrigley Field, the same field where the Pacific Coast League (PCL) had previously played their home games.

The franchise was under Gene Autry’s ownership for 36 years. At the time of Autry’s management and ownership, the Los Angeles Angels have had three playoff appearances, but, failed to get at least one pennant. According to the team’s history in the Major League Baseball (MLB), the Los Angeles Angels underwent several changes in their names, including the 1965 ‘California Angels’ and the 2002 ‘Anaheim Angels’.

In the year 2005, under the new ownership of Arturo Moreno, the team was renamed as the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The name “Anaheim” was added in compliance to the agreed terms of contract between the city of Anaheim and the team.

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim usually refer itself as the Angels or Angels Baseball. The team has one tradition, a tradition that is deeply rooted in their history, the “Win One for the Cowboy”. The saying refers to the previous owner and founder of the team, Gene Autry, who never had the chance to witness his Angels win a World Series championship during his 36 years as a team owner.

For the past spanning years, the team has made several rivalries inside and outside of their division, including the New York Yankees, the Boston Red Sox, the Texas Rangers, the Oakland Athletics and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Among these rivalries, the Boston Red Sox has always been considered as the most significant rival team of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. In fact, most of the games in between these two teams were always remembered by their fans as the most intense and strange.

In the Major League Baseball (MLB) history, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have drawn the largest fan base with more than 3 million fans gathered in their stadium for 12 years and nearly 2 millions gathered for 17 seasons. Also, the Angels’ fans have been granted with 5 Guiness World Records for the largest baseball fan gatherings in the year 2014.

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