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The “Chicago Cubs” is a professional American baseball team situated on the north side of Chicago, Illinois. The team is part of the Central Division, which plays in the National League (NL) of the Major League Baseball (MLB Tickets).

Initially, the Cubs were first founded in the year 1870 as the Chicago White Stockings and appeared in a single season of the pro-am league termed as the National Association of Baseball Players. Although the team was initially discovered in 1870, the franchise’ official birth year was recognized in the year 1876.

Under the management and ownership of William Hulbert, the president of the Cubs, the team underwent several issues in the National League after they finished their first five seasons. Along with the Boston Red Stockings (now the Atlanta Braves), the club ceased operations during the 1872-1873 season in the National Association of the Professional Baseball Players (NAPBP) after being troubled with numerous ethical issues, such as the “throwing” of games and the league’s unwillingness to enforce a strict compliance of rules and contracts.

During the early years of the team, the owner William Hulbert has recruited various baseball star players, such as the infielders Deacon White, Adrian “Cap” Anson, Ross Barnes and the team’s best pitcher Albert Spalding. The Chicago White Stockings first played their home games at the West Side Grounds, from there, the team came in very quick progress and has immediately established its own name in the lists of the National League’s top teams.

The Chicago White Stockings became the Chicago Cubs during the 1907 season. According to the Major League Baseball (MLB) history, the Cubs are considered the oldest existing club placed in the same city. The Cubs are one of the two charter members left in the National League, the other one is the Atlanta Braves.

In the city of Chicago, the Chicago Cubs are one of the two active major league teams, the other one is the Chicago White Sox of the American League (AL). The Cubs are currently under the ownership of Thomas S. Ricketts, the son of the team’s co-founder named Joe Ricketts.

Although the Cubs had been through a lot of issues and downfalls, the team has always been considered as one of the most successful teams in the Major League Baseball (MLB) history. The franchise was able to compile a total of 116 straight victories in 1906 and had posted an outstanding modern-era record of.764 percentage of winning, which is still held as the highest winning percentage in today’s times.

The Chicago Cubs appeared in their first World Series in 1906 and lost against their crosstown rivals, the Chicago White Sox. After a year, the Cubs regained their victories and won back-to-back World Series championships in the years 1907 and 1908, becoming the first MLB team to play thrice during the First Classic and the first team to have won twice.

After their 1945 World Series victory, the team was once termed as the “Lovable Losers” after disappearing in the World Series for nearly 106 years. However, the team managed to cope with the droughts and has returned to walk in success in the 2000s.

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