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The “Boston Red Sox” is a professional American baseball team situated in Boston, Massachusetts. The team is part of the East Division, which plays in the American League (AL) of the Major League Baseball (MLB Tickets). The Red Sox has been playing their home games at the Fenway Park, since the year 1912.

The History of Boston Red Sox

Established in the year 1901, the team was founded as one of the eight charter franchises of MLB. The franchise was originally owned by Ban Johnson, who happened to manage a minor Western League, of which he called equal with the National League (NL). At that time, the team was nicknamed as the “Americans”, which was taken after Ban Johnson renamed his league as the “American League”.

The upstart league had put franchises in Maryland, Baltimore and Buffalo, after some time, Johnson decided that he would need to place a team in Boston to play against the teams from the National League (NL).

After his decisions became certain, he then cancelled a franchise in Buffalo and brought his team to a new club in Boston. The Americans first appeared in the ‘First Modern World Series’ in the year 1903, but failed against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Although the Pittsburgh Pirates were highly favored at that time, the team managed to make their own highlights and won their best-of-nine series with five to three games.

The Americans were renamed as the Boston Red Sox in the year 1908, under the new ownership of John I. Taylor. The team’s name “Red Sox” was inspired from the former team known as the “Boston Red Stockings”. After leaving a remarkable game in the year 1903 against the Pirates, the Red Sox went through so much success in the following years. In fact, the team won another four World championships in the year 1918.

Two years after the year 1918, the team went through so many failures and defeats. For the record, relying to the overall history of the Major League Baseball (MLB), it was believed to be the longest championship droughts in the league’s history. It was even termed by some as the “Curse of the Bambino”.

At the time of the team’s deepest downfalls in the league, it was also the time for some of the most treasured events in the World Series history, including the Enos Slaughter’s ‘mad dash’ (1946), the ‘Impossible Dream’ (1967), the Carlton Fisk’s home run (1975) and the Bill Buckner’s error (1986).

The team is now owned by the Fenway Sports Group, the Fenway Sports Group also owns the Liverpool F.C of the Premier League, located in England. From the year 2003 until 2013, the Red Sox had sold out every home game with approximately 820 games (794 seasons) played.

In the year 2013, the Red Sox won a World Series championship, which was immediately followed with three more wins in the World Series. The rivalry between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees has always been marked as one of the most intense, the fiercest and the most historical rivalries in the North American professional sports.

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