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The “Miami Marlins” is a professional American baseball team situated in Miami, Florida. The team is part of the Eastern Division, which plays in the National League (NL) of the Major League Baseball (MLB Tickets). The current home venue of the Marlins is the Marlins Park, located in the downtown Miami, near the former Orange Bowl.

The ‘Marlins Park’ was intentionally designed as a baseball park for the full benefits of the team. The ballpark is out with a seating capacity of 36,742, ranking as the third smallest stadium in the Major League Baseball (MLB). The ballpark later became the sixth Major League Baseball (MLB) stadium to have a retractable roof, the other five stadiums are the Rogers Centre in Toronto (1989), Chase Field in Phoenix (1998), Safeco Field in Seattle (1999), Minute Maid Park in Houston (2000) and Miller Park in Milwaukee (2001). The team held its first regular season game at the Marlins Park on April 4, 2012 against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Established in the year 1993, the team was founded as the Florida Marlins under the ownership of Wayne Huizenga, Huizenga is the majority owner and CEO of the Blockbuster Entertainment Corporation. The franchise was officially awarded to Wayne Huizenga with an expansion fee of 95 million dollars.

After the Florida Marlins moved to play their home games at the Marlins Park and became the Miami Marlins in the year 2012, the team had also embraced some changes in the team colors and uniforms. Prior to the Marlins Park, the Miami Marlins had played their inaugural season at the Sun Life Stadium in the year 2011, which they shared with the NFL team Miami Dolphins. Also, the Sun Life Stadium has had several names such as the Joe Robert Stadium, Pro Player Park, Pro Player Stadium, Dolphin Stadium and Land Shark Stadium.

In the league’s history, the Marlins have been observed as a team that always brings out a distinctive characteristic, especially in winning World Series championships. In fact, the Marlins have frequently qualified for the postseason, including the 1997 and 2003 postseasons.

The team also appeared twice as a wild card team in the National League’s wild card postseason games, defeating the American League (AL) champion Cleveland Indians and the New York Yankees.

The most notable players of the Marlins in the past spanning years were Josh Beckett, Kevin Brown, Mark Buehrle, A.J Burnett, Miguel Cabrera, Luis Castillo, Jeff Conine, Alex Gonzales, Livan Hernandez, Charlee Johnson, Derek Lee, Mike Lowell, Ricky Nolasco, Brad Penny, Hanley Ramirez, Dan Uggla, Dontrele Willis, Gary Sheffield and Anibal Sanchez.

The players Tony Perez and Andrew Dawson were the only ones being inducted into the baseball Hall of Famers. However, the Marlins have had several potential baseball Hall of Famers, including Bobby Bonilla, Carlos Delgado, Mike Piazza, Moises Alou, Benito Santiago, Rob Nen and Trevor Hoffman. The team’s most productive players in the history were Craig Counsell and Jorge Cantu.

Talking about cultures, the Miami Marlins are the very first team in the Major League Baseball (MLB) to have a cheering squad called “The Marlins Mermaids”, which had been debuted in 2003. The Marlins Mermaids immediately acquired a massive exposure and have later influenced other MLB teams to have their own cheering squads.

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