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The “Cleveland Indians” is a professional American baseball team situated in Cleveland, Ohio. The team is part of the Central Division, which plays in the American League (AL) of the Major League Baseball (MLB Tickets).

The name “Indians” was originally taken out from the club owner’s request to decide for a new name, dated back in 1914. The media picked the “Indians” in reference to the Boston Braves (now known as the Atlanta Braves).

After some time, the team was nicknamed as the ‘Tribe’ and the ‘Wahoos’, the nickname ‘Wahoos’ was made in reference to the team’s logo, the Chief Wahoo.

Established in the year 1900 as the Cleveland Lake Shores, the team was originally founded as part of the American League’s eight charter franchises. At that time, the American League was still considered as a minor league, not until the league broke the National Agreement and declared itself as a rival Major League in 1901. During the same year, the ‘Cleveland Lake Shores’ was renamed as the new Cleveland Bluebirds.

The Cleveland Bluebirds were first owned by tailor Jack Kilfoyl and coal magnate Charles Somers. Charles Somers was a wealthy industrialist and a co-owner of the Boston Americans. The team players thought that the name ‘Bluebirds’ was not suitable for a baseball team, so the writers immediately changed it to ‘Cleveland Blues’. However, the players wanted more appropriate and different, so they tried to change the name to Cleveland Bronchos in 1902.

During the team’s first two seasons, they underwent a financial crisis that made Somers to decide about moving the team to either in Pittsburgh or Cincinnati. At that time, the team’s highest-profiled player Lajoie was traded to the then-moribund Blues with a $25,000 offered salary over three years.

In 1905, Lajoie was named as the new manager and brought great fortunes to the team’s run of success. But, after Lajoie being rumored in a feud between her and manager Joe Birmingham, the team was sold back to the A’s, dated back in 1915.

After Lajoie left, the team was renamed as the “Cleveland Indians” under Somer’s ownership. From there, the Indians were left with so much struggle after Somer’s ventures began to fail. In 1916, Somers was left with no choice but to sell the team to a Chicago syndicate named James C. “Jack” Dunn.

Since then, the Cleveland Indians have been shifting from one management to another. The team’s most heated rivalry was the Cincinnati Reds, which has occurred during the annual pre-season baseball game of the Ohio Cup. During the Ohio Cup, the Cleveland Indians won six out of the eight games played.

The Indian’s current home uniform is white with a navy piping around every sleeve and a script font “Indians” in red with a navy outline is placed across the jersey. In the history, the Cleveland Indians have had only compiled two World Series championships, dated back in 1920 and in 1948.

The team has been playing their home games in the Progressive Field (formerly known as the Jacobs Field) since 1994. Recently, the team conducts its spring training in the Goodyear Ballpark located in Goodyear, Arizona.

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