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The “Washington Nationals” is a professional American baseball team situated in Washington, D.C. The team is part of the East Division, which plays in the National League (NL) of the Major League Baseball (MLB Tickets). Since 2008 until the recent times, the Washington Nationals have been playing their home games at the Nationals Park, located in the South Capitol Street of Southeast D.C, near the Anascostia River.

The name “Nationals” was originally derived from the previous baseball team in Washington, which had the same name. The team was nicknamed as “the Nats” (shortened name of ‘the Nationals’), which was also used by the old teams from Washington, D.C.

Established in the year 1969, the club was founded as an expansion team of the Major League Baseball (MLB) in Canada and was first named as the “Montreal Expos”. Along with the San Diego Padres, the team joined the National League under the management Gene Mauch.

At that time, the team was situated in Montreal, Quebec and had played their home games at the Jarry Park Stadium, after some time, the Montreal Expos moved to play their home games in the Olympic Stadium.

During the team’s early years in the league under Mauch’s supervision, the Montreal Expos lost 110 games in the first season. Unfortunately, the team was unintentionally matched with the San Diego Padres’ win-loss record, which led them to a lower rank among the other teams of the MBL. The nonstop struggles of the Expos were consistent during their first 10 years with sub-. 500 seasons.

Two years after the team moved their home games in the Olympic Stadium, their good fortunes started and won a franchise-high 95 games. The Expos also finished on the second place in the East Division championship of the National League (NL).

In the 1980s, the team had built a core group very young players, including the outfielders Andre Dawson and Tim Raines, the catcher Gary Carter, the pitchers Bill Gullickson and Steve Rogers, and the third baseman Tim Wallach.

In 1985, the new manager Buck Rodgers arrived and led the team to a better record for over six years. In fact, the Expos won 91 games during the 1987 season. The team was sold to a group of owners in the year 1999 with their new general manager Claude Brochu. The team was again sold to Jeffry Loria during the same year, who had caused slower media exposures for the team due to the failures of some media contract agreements.

The MLB bought the Montreal Expos in the year 2002 and in 2005, the team moved to Washington, D.C and became the “Washington Nationals”. The Nationals were the first team to be relocated in Washington since the Washington Senators moved to Arlington, Texas in the year 1972 and became the Texas Rangers.

In comparison to other Major League Baseball (MLB) teams, the team has the poorest MLB records in the league’s history. In fact, the Nationals have never advanced in any World Series championship, next to the Seattle Mariners.

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