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The “Vancouver Canucks” is a professional ice hockey team situated in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The team is part of the Pacific Division that plays in the Western Conference of the National Hockey League (NHL).

The Canucks are currently under Henrik Sedin’s leadership, who is acting as the team captain, while Willie Desjardins is the team’s current head coach. Their home games are usually played at the Rogers Arena (previously known as the General Motor’s Place), which can carry a capacity of 18,860.

For the first time, the city of Vancouver became a home to professional ice hockey players. At the time, the Patrick Brothers Frank and Lester formed the Vancouver Millionaires, who were members of the Pacific Coast Hockey Association (PCHA)

In the year 1970, the team was founded as an expansion team together with the Buffalo Sabres. For the record, the team has reached the Stanley Cup finals three times, but lost all the three games against the New York Islanders in 1982, New York Rangers in 1994 and Boston Bruins in the year 2011.

Even for a fact that the results are quite a disappointment in their record, the Canucks got highlighted during the 2011-2012 as they had been awarded with the President’s Trophy associated with their best records during the regular seasons 2010-2011 and 2011-2012. Not to mention the pluses as they also had won a total of 10 division titles being part of the Smyth Division for the year 1974 to 1993 and Northwest Division for the year 1998 to 2013. In the history of the NHL, the team was recognized as one of the top scorers.

In the latter years of their career, four of their jersey players retired, namely Trevor Lendon, Pavel Bure, Stan Smyl and Markus Naslund. The team has been doing great in their NHL career for years until the recent times.

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