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The “Tampa Bay Rays” is a professional American baseball team situated in St. Petersburg, Florida. The team is currently part of the East Division, which competes in the American League (AL) of the Major League Baseball (MLB Tickets). The team has been playing their home games in the Tropicana Field since their founding.

After almost three decades of bad lucks in trying to acquire one expansion franchise to move in the area of Tampa Bay, the ownership under the leadership of Vince Naimoli was finally approved in the year 1995.

The team was first named as the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and stepped on the baseball field during the 1998 Major League Baseball (MBL) season. By great misfortune and lack of training, the team’s first decade of playing in the league was marked futility. In fact, the team ended in the last place during the American League (AL) of the East Division and finished second to the last place in the year 2004 of the same competition.

The Tampa Bay Rays had their first winning season in the year 2008, where the team itself had posted the winnings, including their first American League East championship and their first pennant against the Boston Red Sox in the ACLS.

The team’s main rivals are the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. The rivalry between the Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays began in the 2000 season, when Devil Ray Gerald Williams was excluded to being hit by a pitch thrown by a Boston pitcher named Pedro Martinez. From there, the following games were already boxed with reprisals and dismissals on both sides. The Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays have had a quiet personal reason of the rivalry, while the New York Yankees and Tampa only became rivals after the Yankees took their spring training at Tampa’s area, where Yankees also took some fan loyalties from the team.

The word “Rays” mainly refers to a surge of sunshine, the team’s name “Tampa Bay Rays” remains intact, although a manta ray logo stays close on the uniform sleeves of the team. After the Tampa Bay area finally had a team, the naming rights were bought by the Tropicana Products.

After the rights were sold to Tropica Products with an amount value of $70 million, the Tropica Field (originally called the Florida Suncoast Dome) underwent general renovations. The dome had further renovations in the 2006 and 2007 under Stu Sternberg’s new management and ownership. For the team players of Tampa Bay Rays, the biggest change was the fitting of a New Field Turf in the year 2007 and a newer version called Astro Surf for the 2011 Major League Baseball (MBL) season.

According to reports that were out in October 2014, Stu Sternberg has had his frustrations in the process of building a new stadium in the Tampa Bay area. Because of this, Sterberg and the Wall Street Associates talked over his concerns about relocating to Montreal. A widespread report was out that Sternberg will be forced to sell the team if a new dome is not built.

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