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The “St. Louis Rams” is a professional American football team situated in St. Louis, Missouri. The team is part of the West Division, which plays in the National Football Conference (NFC) of the National Football League (NFL). The Rams are the only franchise to win championships in different cities (St. Louis, Cleveland and Los Angeles). For the record, the team achieved two pre-merger NFL championships and one Super Bowl.

The team was established and began playing within the city of Cleveland, Ohio in the year 1936 under the ownership of attorney Homer Marshman. The name ‘Rams’ was picked in order to honor the hard work of all the football players from the Fordham University.

The Rams are seen to be a reincarnation of the previous team named ‘Cleveland Rams’, the Cleveland Rams were members of the second American Football League (AFL).

The NFL awarded the franchise to the same owner, however, the league considers both in a separate entity since none of the team’s management joined the new team and only four of the players decided to join the new NFL team (Harry “The Horse” Mattos, Mike Sebastian, William “Bud” Cooper and Stan Pincura).

In the year 1946, the team moved to Los Angeles, California and became known as the Los Angeles Rams. At the time of their relocation to Los Angeles, the team asked to not compete with the Cleveland Browns of the All- America Football Conference.

After 33 years, the team moved to the area nearby the Orange County to play their home games at the Anaheim Stadium in Anaheim. The team played in the Stadium from the year 1979 until 1994 (15 years) keeping their name as the Los Angeles Rams.

Before the 1995 season, the Los Angeles Rams moved east to St. Louis and finally renamed itself as the ‘St. Louis Rams’.

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