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The “San Jose Earthquakes” (formerly known as the San Jose Clash) is a professional American soccer club situated in San Jose, California. The team now competes in the Major League Soccer (MLS), but was originally placed in the North American Soccer League (NASL) in 1974 as the Earthquakes.

The San Jose, California was first awarded an expansion franchise back in the year 1974, under the North American Soccer League (NASL). The name ‘Earthquakes’ was originally taken out from a newspaper contest in the San Jose Mercury News, where supporters were invited to give name suggestions for the newly awarded franchise.

In 1984, the Earthquakes began to play in the Western Soccer League (WSL) in between the years 1985 and 1988, under the ownership of Peter Bridgewater. Bridgewater sold the team in the year 1988 and later folded, after some time, the Western Soccer League (WSL) granted a franchise to the local estate lawyer Dan Van Voorhis.

Under Van Voorhis management, he named his new team as the Blackhawks, which was taken out from one of his real estate developments at that time. During the 1989 season, the newly named San Francisco Blackhawks joined the Western Soccer League and in 1991, Van Voorhis recruited the club’s new head coach Laurie Calloway.

During Laurie Calloway’s coaching, he had coached the full squad of the San Francisco Bay Blackhawks, who later played in the Major League Soccer (MLS). Calloway’s best players included Troy Dayak, Paul Bravo, Eric Wynalda and John Doyle.

In the year 1994, Van Voorhis became certain to bring his team in the Major League Soccer (MLS), which was successfully granted in the year’s inaugural season. Van Voorhis was the one who managed the overall operations of the club, including the player’s contract, resources, staffs and the rights to play in the San Jose State University’s Spartan Stadium.

The club hosted the Major League Soccer’s (MLS) inaugural game held at the Spartan Stadium, dated back on April 6, 1996 with a gathered a massive crowd equivalent to 31,683 spectators. The supporters of the San Jose Earthquakes went off happy and satisfied after their bet won a goal against the DC United with a winning record of 1-0.

A month later since their first victory, the club again hosted a match against the Los Angeles Galaxy, which had gathered a record-breaking fan support equivalent to 31,728 audiences, held at the Spartan Stadium. The club’s victories continued until the end of the 1999 season and during the same year, Lothar Osiander was released as the club’s new head coach.

The beginning of the club in the 1999 season did not turn out great. In fact, the club had missed four consecutive post seasons. Because of this, Frank Wallop was hired as the club’s newest head coach in replacement to Osiander. Wallop’s arrival had helped the club to return in the regular seasons and the playoffs, including the 2003 MLS game against the Chicago Fire with a winning record of 4-2.

Historically, the most notable rivalries of the club are the California Clasico and the Los Angeles Galaxy. Until today’s times, these rivalries have remained heated in each MLS season.

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