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The “Sacramento Kings” is a team situated in Sacramento, California. The team is part of the Pacific Division that plays in the Western Conference of the National Basketball Association (NBA). In the Major Professional North American sports leagues located in Sacramento, California, the Kings were the only one to participate, they usually had their home games played at the Sleep Train Arena.

In the year 1923, the team was franchised in the Rochester, New York, which was named as the Rochester Seagrams. The team was established in the National Basketball League (NBL) in the year 1945 to 1946. After winning their first championship in the league, the team was absorbed in the year 1948, which led them to the National Basketball Association (NBA) by the year 1949.

After 25 years, Rochester Seagrams was renamed as the Rochester Royals. The team was a successor at their early times as they won a championship dated back in the year 1951, in fact, the Royals were winners on the basketball court most of the time.

However, just like all teams joining in the hard court of NBA, they encountered troubles after turning a profit in a small market of Rochester and had the whole team moved to Cincinnati, Ohio by the year 1957, the Rochester Royals became the Cincinnati Royals. The Cincinnati Royals later moved to Missouri, Kansas City, where they played their games in both the cities of Kansas and Omaha, Nebraska, at the time of their relocation, they were bringing the name Kansas City Kings.

After the market attempts in almost three cities, they failed again and decided to move in Sacramento, California by the year 1985. During the 2013 and 2014 NBA finals, by the team’s misfortune, they were the only franchise that has never been lagged in the NBA finals.

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