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The “Nashville Predators” is a professional ice hockey team situated in Nashville, Tennessee. The team is part of the Central Division that plays in the Western Conference of the National Hockey League (NHL).

The history of the Predators started out from a rumor that the New Jersey Devils of NHL will be moving their home games at the Nashville Arena in the year 1995. This has marked the attempts of bringing another NHL expansion team in the city of Nashville. In fact, Nashville had put a $20 million bonus to any NHL team that would move in the area to play.

In the years 1997 and 1998, the NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said that Nashville should be given consideration to become part of the NHL’s coming expansion team, Bettman’s interest happened after noticing Nashville’s attempts to get the New Jersey Devils.

The city also had a few attempts at bringing in the NBA’s Sacramento Kings, but didn’t succeed. After that, they started to pursue bringing the National Hockey League.

An application for the team’s franchise was led by Wisconsin businessman Craig Leipold, who even made a formal presentation associating the request for an expansion team franchise. In June of the year 1997, NHL granted a franchise with agreements to Nashville, Ohio, Atlanta, Minneapolis- St. Paul and Columbus.

For the Nashville, they would be given the chance to play in the 1998 season once the requirements are met. The league was requiring them to sell a total 0f 12,000 season tickets due before March 31, 1998. Fortunately, Nashville was the only team out of the four cities to complete the arena at a given time.

After a month from the time they had their first play in 1998, David Poile was chosen by Leipold to act as the first general manager of the Nashville. On November 13, Nashville was officially named as the Nashville Predators, the final name was chosen via fan’s votes after the logo has been revealed dated back in September 25, 1997. Until recent times, the Nashville Predators have remained to their original name.

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