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The “Montreal Canadiens” (also known as le Club de Hockey Canadien) is a professional ice hockey team situated in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The team is part of the Atlantic Division that plays in the Eastern Conference of the National Hockey League (NHL).

For seven decades, the team used to play at the Montreal Forum, where they had won their two Stanley Cup championships until 1996. After that, the Canadiens moved to play their home games at the Belle Centre (originally known as the Moison Centre) until the recent times.

The Canadiens were founded in the year 1909, the team is considered as the longest and the oldest professional ice hockey team still functioning in the National Hockey League (NHL). They are also recognized as one of the oldest Nort American professional sports that preexisted the founding of the league.

Along with the other 5 teams, the Canadiens are part of the Original Six NHL franchise, the teams are described as the Original Six because they are the first six teams to exist during the NHL expansion in the years 1942 until 1967.

According to its history of gaming, the team has done great in their early years of playing in the NHL. In fact, the Canadiens won numerous Stanley Cup finals and playoffs and they had better winning records compared with the other NHL teams.

The team won 24 Stanley Cup finals and they have always been treated by their competitors as threats. The winning records are claimed to be one of the top notched awards given by the league. In 2014’s records, the Canadiens hold a 25.3% winning records in all the Stanley Cup championships joined after the Challenge Cup era. For the records, the Montreal Canadiens next to Boston Celtics, ranked as the second most well-off professional sports in the United States and Canada. Until now, the Canadiens are still perceived as a threat against the rest of the NHL teams as they continue to shine in their games at the ice hockey court.

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