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The “Minnesota Wild” is a professional ice hockey team situated in St. Paul, Minnesota, United States. The team is part of the Central Division that plays in the Western Conference of the National Hockey League (NHL). The team was the only team to play in St. Paul because the other 3 teams usually play in the Minneapolis. The Wild’s current gaming place is the Xcel Energy Center.

On June 25, 1997, the team was discovered, but started playing after three years in their first regular NHL season 2000-2001. After Minnesota North Stars moved to Dallas in the year 1993, the Wild were the only NHL franchise left in Minnesota.

The Wild’s first game was with the Might Ducks of Anaheim, by their misfortune, they were defeated by the Anaheim Ducks with a record 3-1. However, after 5 games, the team had their first victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning.

For the record, the team made their first appearance in the Stanley Cup playoffs during 2002-2003 NHL season. The up to date records of the Wild has ranged to 0.532 points from the year of their franchise until the year 2014.

Minnesota Wild: Franchise History

Prior to the official date when the Wild has been franchised, a campaign to either draft the relocation or award an expansion franchise, was held by Mayor Norm Coleman. At the time of the campaign, one investor named Bob Naegele took the lead on the application for the NHL, Bob also became the first owner of the Wild.

The formal announcement of the franchise happened on June 25, 1997. The rest of the franchise was announced 5 months after the Wild. The Wild was named out from the song “Born to be Wild” by Steppenwolf, the song was played over the Arena’s speaker on their first appearance at the Aldrich Arena dated back on January 22, 1998.

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