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The “Miami Heat” is a team situated in Miami, Florida, United States. Miami Heat is a member of the Southwest Division in Western Conference of NBA and their plays are usually held in Downtown Miami at the American Airlines Arena.

Micky Arison, who owns a cruise ship of the giant Carnival Corporation, is also the team owner of the Miami Heat.

The famous NBA team of Miami Heat was formed dated back in the year 1988 as one of the four expansions of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Upon Miami Heat’s continuous growth in the years 1988 to 2003, their early years began quiet dreadful as the team was with much weakness where they only made the playoffs twice in their eight years and fell during the first round in equal times.

However, during the years 2006, 2012 and 2013, the Heat showed an excessive change, the Heat has successive winnings as they won the three league championships with five conferences and eleven division titles. In addition to their row of victories, the Heat straightly won 27 games from February 3 to March 27, 2013 which was also recognized as the NBA’s second longest strip in the history.

In the year 2013, it was reported by Forbes that Heat gained a hit of $625 million and was considered as the sixth most valued team among the NBA franchises.

Even for a fact the Miami Heat has infrequently paid tribute to the older franchise by wearing a copied version of the Floridians uniforms on the “Hardwood Classics Nights” during the years 2005, 2006, 2011 and 2012, the Heat affirmed that they are not associates of the Miami Floridians.

In the first quarter of the year 2014 which was exactly dated in the 11th of July 2014, Miami Heat’s star player Lebron James exposed on that he would dispense from Heat and would return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. This might appear to be a little disappointing, but good thing that the best players Bosh and Wade have decided to stay in Miami and continue even without Lebron James. Despite James’ exit from Heat, the off-season of Miami Heat remains assertive.

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