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The NBA team “Indiana Pacers” is situated in Indianapolis, Indiana. The team joined the National Basketball Association (NBA) of the Central Division and was first recognized in the year 1967 as members of the American Basketball Association (ABA). The name “Indiana Pacers” was taken out after the history of Indiana with the harness racing pacers and Indiana Polis 500’s pace cars.

During their time in the ABA, the Pacers won three frequent championships and has become the Eastern Conference Champions in the year 2000. The Pacers had their repeated success as they won a total of eight division titles with five Hall of Fame players, namely Chris Mullin, Regie Miller, Alex English, Roger Brown and Mel Daniels.

The struggles during the early times of their NBA career

In the year 1976, the Indiana Pacers were one of the four ABA teams who joined the unification of ABA-NBA. The Pacers were combined with the merged league by the San Antonio Spurs, Denver Nuggets and New York Nets with an entry fee of $3.2 million for every former ABA team. The merging led the team to a deep financial crisis, not to mention their prior financial troubles back during their ABA days. Due to the existence of the financial problem, they were forced to sell their star players from the last ABA season.

After all the downsides during the long years of their basketball career, Larry Bird coached the team in the years 1997-1998 which successfully showed a tad improvement compared to their previous battles. Chris Mullin joined the team and became a valuable player in the lineup of Indiana Pacers. The team has reached a battle with the Chicago Bulls in a seven-game Eastern Conference Final after kicking out the Cleveland Cavaliers and New York Knicks.

The Pacers won the Central Division during the lockout-shortened and was traded forward to Antonio Davis to the Toronto Raptors which has remained a controversy until recent times.

During the years 2006 and 2007, it was considered as the worst season of Pacers, who just finished a 35-47 record which led to a team’s decision in dismissing the team’s coach Rick Carlistle after 10 frequent losses.

However, despite their visible losses in the basketball court, in 2013-14, the Indiana Pacers showed an explosion on the first half of the season with 33-7 records.

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