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The NBA team “Houston Rockets” is a basketball team situated in Houston, Texas. Back in the year 1967, before moving to Houston, the team played in San Diego, California and was then recognized as the San Diego Rockets.

The team plays in the National Basketball Association or NBA until recent times, during the Rockets debut season, Houston Rockets successfully won a total of 15 games. However, their best player Elvin Hayes was traded after their first playoff appearance in the year 1969. After Hayes was dealt, Moses Malone became his replacement for the team. The arrival of Malone took a highlight in his basketball career as he was being recognized as MVP successor twice and took the lead of the Houston Rockets to the conference finals during his first year with the team.

Also, Malone Moses was able to bring the team to the NBA finals in the year 1861. Unfortunately, they were beaten six times by Larry Bird’s Boston Celtics which also highlighted Kevin McHale, the Rockets’ current head coach.

Despite their losses against the Boston Celtics, the Houston Rockets took another shot by recruiting Hakeem Olajuwon, who was being partnered with Ralph Sampson, the two were easily recognized as the “Twin Towers”, the arrival of Hakeem and Ralh has successfully lead the team to the 1986 finals during their second and third year, by their misfortune, they lost again in the battle with the Boston Celtics.

In the following seven seasons, they lost five times during the first round, but was able to reach a battle with the Seattle Supersonics. After the playoff defeat, Olajuwon finally proclaimed to the team “We go from here”.

During the 1994 NBA finals, the Houston Rockets raged where Olajuwon took the lead until the first franchise championships against Patrick Ewing and New York Knicks. The team has finally earned their hard work with all those years they were defeated as they reached the year 1995 being champions twice.

After frequent winnings, the team missed most of the important playoffs in the year 2000-2003 until they recruited Yao Ming, unfortunately, Yao Ming’s arrival did not give much as the team was not able to advance to the finals until 2009. Yao Ming retired in the year 2011 and the team decided to enter rebuilding to re-tool their lists.

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