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The “Houston Astros” is a professional American baseball team situated in Houston, Texas. The team is part of the West Division, which plays in the American League (AL) of the Major League Baseball (MLB Tickets).

Originally, there was only one Houston’s professional baseball club in Houston, known as the Houston Buffaloes (a minor league in Houston). But, since the Houston officials had been exerting efforts to bring at least one major league baseball franchise in the city, an expansion team was finally granted by the National League to the Houston Sports Association on October 17, 1960.

The Houston Sports Association was led by George Kirksey and Craig Cullinan, who once made a pointless attempt to purchase the St. Louis Cardinals in 1952, Bob Smith, who was a prominent oilman and real estate magnate in Houston, and Judge Roy Hofheinz, a former Mayor of Houston. These four men took the efforts to successfully bring one MLB expansion franchise team in Houston.

At that time, the Major League Baseball Constitution had requested the Houston Sports Association to attain territorial rights from the Houston Buffaloes for them to play in the area of Houston. After some time of negotiations in between the Buffaloes and the leaders of the association, the Houston Sports Association succeeded in getting the side of the Buffaloes.

The new franchise was first named as the “Colt.45s”, which was taken out from the “Name the Team” contest. The team’s first stadium was the Colt Stadium, which turned out to be the team’s temporary field until Hofheinz could put up his own stadium for the team.

Under Harry Craft’s management, the team started its inaugural season against the Chicago Cubs on April 10, 1962. In the early years of the Colts, their most notable players were Bob Aspromonte, who hit the first home run, and Richard “Turk” Farrel, who was recognized as the team’s best pitcher.

In 1965, the full ownership was transferred to Judge Roy Hofheinz and along with that, the team was moved into the newly constructed domed stadium, the Astrodome. The name of the Stadium was inspired from Houston’s role as the center of the United States Space Program. After some time, the Colts.45s were renamed as the Houston Astros.

The Houston Astros started the 1966 season with a strong support from their new manager Grady Hatton. However, the early success did not last after losing two of their best players, Jimmy Wynn and Joe Morgan. Jimmy Wynn was accidently crashed into an outfield fence in Philadelphia and Joe Morgan had his knee cap broken during a game.

From there, the misfortunes continued until the year 2005, when the Houston Astros had their first and only World Series appearance against the Chicago White Sox. Unluckily, the Astros was being swept off by the Chicago White Sox in 4 games, adding to the team’s worst games played in the MLB history.

The Astros have been playing their home games at the Minute Maid Park since the year 2000. In the MLB history, the Astros have had many shifts in their career, including the changing of management, ownership and team players.

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