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The “Detroit Red Wings” is a professional ice hockey team situated in Detroit, Michigan. The team is part of the Atlantic Division that plays in the Western Conference of the National Hockey Association (NHL). Along with the other 5 NHL teams, namely the Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Rangers, Montreal Canadiens, Chicago Blackhawks and the Boston Bruins, the Detroit Red Wings are also members of the NHL’s Original Six franchise.

The team plays their home games at the Joe Louis Arena with seats carrying a 20,666 capacity, prior to it, the Red Wings used to play in the Olympia Stadium 40 years before they moved playing at the Joe Louis Arena. For the record, the team is one of the most known NHL franchises, in fact, their critics and fans denote the Red Wings and the city as the “Hockeytown”. In 1996, Hockeytown became the official trademark owned by the team’s franchise.

Despite their name being popular at the time, the Red Wings had struggled during their early years in between the 1933-1934 and 1965-1966 seasons. The team failed to be in the playoffs for four times and out of 25 seasons, they only had the playoffs 8 times.

In the midst of their fraught which had showed the missed playoffs, the Red Wings were nicknamed “Dead Wings”. In the span of almost 11 years of ups and downs in the ice hockey court, the Red Wings remained firm. The Red Wings have reached the NHL finals twice and they were also recognized by their achievements as they have been known as one of the most successful teams during the latter part of the century.

The recognition was associated with proofs as they won the regular season, six times and being the successors of the Stanley Cup Finals for four times out of six appearances.The team’s up to date record stands at 23 in the line up since the year 1991 until the present year.

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