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The Palace of the Auburn Hills is the home court of one of the National Basketball Association team in the United States. The Detroit Pistons or former Fort Wayne Piston founded its way in the NBA since 1941 based on Fort Wayne, Indiana. Their entire history has already earned three NBA championships in 1989, 1990 and 2004.

The former Fort Wayne Piston was founded by two siblings named Fred Zollner and his sister, Janet Zollner. Same as every professional basketball teams before the NBA; they were a member of the National Basketball League and competed in the Basketball Association of America in 1948 and the National Basketball League in 1949.

For many years since their establishment lied the struggle of the team to get a championship ring. However, it was 1989 and 1990 season that they were able to win the finals game against Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls.

Grant Hill is one of the renowned players in Detroit Pistons and the National Basketball Association as well. After more than a decade they were able to get back in the finals round once again to win another trophy in the Eastern Conference championship and the whole league with their coach then Larry Brown and have won against the Los Angeles Lakers once again.

Aside from the Palace of the Auburn Hills, they were able to held their home court advantage in North Side High School Gym, Allen County War Memorial Coliseum, Olympia Stadium, Cobo Arena and Pontiac Silverdome. They had 16 players and 3 coaches that have each spot in the NBA Hall of Fame, including Coach Larry Brown. Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls and Boston Celtics are the most known rivalries that they had encounter in their entire playing career as a Basketball team since the NBA began.

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