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Playing the Central Division of the Eastern Conference league, this team has been popular by having the ‘Greatest Player of All Time’. Chicago Bulls is a professional basketball team that has been a part of the National Basketball Association since 1966 and solely based in Chicago, Illinois. They once played at the International Amphitheatre before finally find its way to Chicago Stadium.

For eight years since they began playing in the NBA, Chicago Bulls lost in the game against the Golden State Warriors. Thus, they experienced the struggle aside from the diminishing number of fans surrounding them.

Before the Michael Jordan era, Artis Gilmore and Reggie Theus joined the league from 1976-1984 but the team struggle continues in the whole duration of the league.

Shooting guard Michael Jordan was picked in the 1984 draft as third, preceded by Olajuwon and Sam Bowie. He was awarded as the Rookie of The Year for his 3 point shooting skills and number of steals. Finally, in the 1991 season they first bagged the championship with the young Michael Jordan that time and the first team of the era to bag the three-peat championship until 1993. But due to turn of events, his father got killed when decided to retire. After two years, in 1995, he returned to the Chicago Bulls and gained their second three-peat record against Utah Jazz with the participation of Pipen, Rodman, Harper and Longley. Their strong line-up with Jordan compelled all the other teams in the whole three consecutive seasons. Jordan was known as one of the greatest players in the NBA history and now owns the Charlotte Hornets’ franchise.

After the era of three-peats and championship rings, the staff decided to develop new players since 1999 up to the present; and now with Derek Rose playing for the Bulls, a lot of people are expecting for the resurface and success of the team.

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