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Originally from the Charlotte Hornets team franchise in 1988, the North Carolina team found its way to New Orleans Hornet in 2004. Together with the expansion team, they were able to get acquired to the National Basketball Association as part of the Southeast Division in Eastern Conference League. Currently owned by the NBA superstar and the ‘Greatest of All Time’ player Michael Jordan, formerly of the Chicago Bulls, they are playing their games at the Charlotte Coliseum and the Time Warner Cable Arena since 2010.

Prior to its name, Charlotte Bobcats was an expansion team. In 2002 to 2004, they decided to add another team due to the upcoming 2004-2005 season. Founder of the Black Entertainment Television Robert L. Johnson finally gained the authority to own the deal together with the rapper Nelly; who were the first African American people to own a major team franchise. For ten years, it has been the Charlotte Bobcats playing in the NBA leagues until Michael Jordan acquired the team and naming it back to the New Orleans Hornets and Charlotte Hornets to the present.

On the lighter side, they have a line of cheering squads such as the Charlotte Honey Bees, who are present in every game they play, cheering and dancing in the Courtside of during the half time period when the game is set to play in their home courts. Their mascot, Hugo T. Hornet, was the original mascot of the Hornets, but during the Bobcats era it was Rufus D. Lynx, and has set a world record for behind the legs routine in the slam dunk competition. But ash Lynx retired last season, a fresh look at Hugo T. Hornet was introduced for the return of the team name Charlotte Hornet.

They have received several individuals’ awards for the whole franchise history and the historical retirement of Bobby Phillis and his jersey number 13 was witnessed.

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