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The “Buffalo Sabres” is a professional ice hockey team situated in Buffalo, New York. The team is part of the Atlantic Division that plays in the Eastern Conference of the National Hockey League (NHL). At the time of NHL’s expansions, the team was formed by the year 1970 together with the Vancouver Canucks. Their first area where they had their first home games played was at the First Niagara Center in the year 1996. By the year 1970, the year of their franchise, the Buffalo Sabres started playing their home games at the Buffalo Memorial Auditorium.

To add in its history, Buffalo Sabres is a professional hockey during its time, in fact, they were also recognized as one the great pillars in the history of the American Hockey League (NHL) where they became the successor of the Calder Cup in the season finale. The Buffalo’s first owners were Northup Knox and Seymour Knox III, who both came from a long prominent grafts family in New York City.

Buffalo Sabres was also given a nickname of “The French Connection” after they made their ever first tribute to their French-Canadian roots happened during their battles with the Montreal Canadiens.

The team has experienced a tad taste of struggles at the time they have advanced to the Stanley Cup Finals twice and lost both with the Philadelphia Flyers in 1975 and Dallas Stars in 1999.

For eras that have passed in the history of the National Hockey League, the team has gone into ups and downs. In all types of sports, it may be basketball, ice hockey, skating, football or soccer, struggles and failures have always been part of their riddle as sports icons.

The team finally decided to rebuild the Buffalo Sabres in the 2013-14 season, changes have been made to restructure the team for improvement purposes.

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