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The “Arizona Diamondbacks” is a professional American baseball team situated in Phoenix, Arizona. The team is part of the West Division, which plays in the National League (NL) of Major League Baseball (MLB Tickets). Since the year 1998, the Arizona Diamondbacks have been playing their home games in the Chase Field (previously known as the Bank One Ballpark).

The state of Arizona had a rich tradition of baseball prior to the existence of the Major League Baseball (MLB) team. In addition, Arizona has been a consistent spring training ground since the year 1946.

Knowing for a fact that Arizona holds a large population relocating from the Midwest, the Northeast and California, several MLB teams, including the Chicago Cubs, the Chicago White Sox, the New York Yankees, New York Mets, San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers have larger fan support.

Established on March 9, 1995, the Arizona Diamondbacks were founded as an expansion franchise to play for the 1998 season. The franchise fee amounted to 130 million dollars was paid to Major League Baseball (MLB). After some time, the franchise was officially awarded by the National League (NL) to Arizona on January 16, 1997.

Since the team’s inception, they had compiled a total of five National League West titles (1999, 2001, 2002, 2007, 2011), one pennant from the National League Championship (2011) and one World Series in the year 2001. The Arizona Diamondbacks have had other nicknames, including “The D-Backs”, “The Snakes” and “The Rattlesnakes”.

The original colors of the team were copper, turquoise, purple and black. The team’s very first logo was an italicized block letter “A” with a diamond pattern and snake’s tongue. The first batch of baseball caps was released prior to the inaugural season of the Arizona Diamondbacks. During the second season, a new logo with a copper color snake in the shape of letter “D” had been introduced.

The Diamondbacks have had several shifts in logos and colors of the uniforms, in 2006, the team has revealed the new designs of uniforms and colors of Sonoran Sand, black and Sedona Red. The team has kept the “D” logo in all of their designs, the Diamondbacks have also added the “A” logo design with the new touches of colors applied to it.

According to the team’s history, the Arizona Diamondbacks have drawn an immense exposure through media. In fact, the team’s first nine seasons had used the primary television play-by-play, which was enunciated by Thom Brennaman, who was once a baseball broadcaster and had previously worked in the National broadcasting of the college football games for the Fox Television.

The Diamondbacks have had numbers of leaders who had contributed a lot to the overall success of the team, including Greg Colbrunn, Luis Gonzales, Stephen Drew, Tony Womack, Chris Young, Randy Johnson, Jose Valerde and Curt Schilling. Throughout their MLB career, the team had only announced two retired numbers, the Robinsons 42 and the Gonzales 20.

Although the team started their MLB career much earlier compared to other franchises, only one of their players had been inducted to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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